DIY Friday’s face mask 


Hey girls ! As I promised sharing my DIY Friday’s face mask that I do every Friday or once in a month at home. You can do this face mask with just two ingredients. And there you will have smooth soft skin instantly & naturally. Follow the steps below 


Yogurt- 2 tea spoons

Turmeric powder – 2 pinches

That’s it.

Take two tea spoons of yogurt in small bowl and add turmeric powder, mix it well . You will get a light yellow paste,apply it over you entire face with a help of a flat foundation brush. Wait for it to dry and then just wash it off. You may want to use a sponge to clean the mask off to avoid too much water to do the cleaning. Well that’s a good way to save water. If You like this DIY, try it home and let me know what you think. Also like my Facebook & Instagram page, you’ll find the link below 


Shahid beauty

DIY:lip Exfoliator 


Here my first DIY lip exfoliator. I definitely do not like the cracked lip with lines. The worst happens when you’ve actually applied lipstick and then you realize you should have exfoliated well. So here’s a quick DIY to make you own lip exfoliator Ingredients: 

1part brown Sugar 

1part honey

1part olive Oil 

Mix the ingredients above,apply & scrub lightly. Rinse off and there you have your new lips dead skin free.Don’t forget to moisturize your lip using your favorite lip balm or any moisturizer applicable for lip application. You do have lip exfoliator available for buys outside but if you don’t have you can just DIY 😄 

Another method:if you think you don’t have time to DIY just while you’re brushing your teeth ever morning. Run your tooth brush gently over your lip to remove the dead skin. It’s just the most convenient way to exfoliate.


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Real Techniques brushes Core collection &Starter set. Should you buy these or not ??


@realtechniques core collection & starter set via @souquae . I got these two set at a great price like a great deal 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. I looked at other Websites they were offering just one set at a high price but then here I got both at one price. I wanted to buy new set of brushes and I did seriously had a look on to so many brush set, several brands Like the ones which have 32 pcs and all. After all I decided that I want to have few brushes that are Multi purpose instead of a lot of brushes and then you use only a few out of after a lot of research I decided to pick these. I wanted to buy them long back but then I got @bourjoismiddleeast mini brush set which I still have. But now it was high time to add new addition to the brush family.also I got a free lipgloss with my package from souq I thought they dropped it by mistake into my order😂😂😂😂. I think and I hope these brushes never go out of market because the duo Sam &Nic designed it very carefully like literally they are can do a lot with these. Each brush can be used differently And even though we have so many brands of brushes right now I went out for yeah it’s a happy deal. So what’s next I am going to use these and update my review on it.


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Sephora foundation & Primer Review 



Source Pic : instagram

What do you do when these get over ? 😱Foundation and primer from @sephoramiddleeast I remember the time I purchased these and was so happy about having these. The primer is amazing so is the foundation.My sister saw these in my vanity and asked me “would you gift me these?” I said “yeah take it” she was like “I meant new one ” 😂😂😂I have currently moved on to @makeupforevermea just exploring new stuff.yet these have been on my favorite list too.If you’re really looking forward change your foundation and primer brand.You may want to try these. these aren’t as expensive as other brands out there at Sephora. The prices were quite inexpensive to my surprise.And I think I will buy again.let me know what do you think.



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Makeup Forever Step1 skin Equalizer base hydrating primer Review 


Step 1 primer from @makeupforevermea is my love. It smells so good and quite hydrating. I got it from @sephoramiddleeast. this is what suited my skin more. This primer comes at four textures available at Sephora middleeast.

1) mattifying



4) hydrating.


Source pic :


      Here is the chart above I took the fourth one keeping in mind my skin type and the weather in Dubai. So this one’s for moisturizing and hydrating and apt for all season needs.For skin types that face excessive dryness on transforms the tired,dried skin instantly to a hydrated healthy surface for makeup. Also when I got a foundation,makeup forever ultra HD it had a Small mini sample of this primer. So I guess this goes for all skin types. 

Source pic: instagram

So if you’re living or traveling to Dubai,UAE planning to buy this product. Do keep in mind you what your skin needs and weather here. 

P.s: Till summer arrives enjoy the weather.Do let me know what do you think.the tags mentioned above belong to their official Instagram account owners.



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Mon Elle Makeup,Blush Collection Review 


Okay so this brand originally comes from the very famous Elle Magazine.this brand is from France . I did put up a post on Instagram recently of this blush shade #3Brown Rose that I got  of this brand and it’s so amazing. So let’s just start up with review. I landed up in splash fashions end December 2015 to upgrade my wardrobe and it was the end season sale that also caught my attention.I did realize I am missing out on a concealer that I needed therefore I landed to Elle cosmetics Retail shelf.By the way splash fashions is the only place in UAE where I have seen Elle Cosmetics.i don’t know  any other place where you can avail this.


To begin with their concealers comes in 4 shades. #1 being the lightest #4 being the  last shade. I wouldn’t call it any darkest because it’s medium Toned for pink and yellow undertones.Same goes with their foundation and BB cream. My shade is #1 for concealers, foundation and BB cream.

I tried their BB cream it’s has a good coverage  but since I already use some other brand I didn’t really pick it up for my daily use. Although I did take the concealer and it’s great.Its like a marker pen ,you just press and it releases.Tip of it has a nice applicator brush. Its anti dark circle  and apt for highlighting and brightening. The emergency purchase was worth it.

Their blush comes in 4 shades again as follows:

#1 is a soft light pink

shade #1. soft light pink


#2 is a more pigmented Rosy pink darker than the first one

#3 is a Rose brown shade which is my favorite  one and it’s called Rose boudoir (3)

#4 is a coral peach shade

I love the packaging of their  blush. They’re rightly pigmented and a good square sized.the shade #3 is good Rose brown color I use it on my cheeks as a  blush and at times at cheeks bones to give  a light contouring  and my face actually looks slimmer as it would after a it has a twin usage. I am definitely going buy the blush again.All the blushes show up amazingly on a fair skin.


Blush Elle Rose boudoir (3)


To be honest  I didn’t really open the Blushes  until last week  and just in case you’re thinking I opened them because it was Valentine’s Day. No I just had a family get together back to back all the week days.I was stunned when I realized I could use this brown shade as 2 in 1 blush and light contouring powder.It suits my skin and looks amazing. I remember I got a some what similar shade from Bourjois Paris as well but didn’t really get to buy it again.

Now they haven’t Really titled any of their shades they’re just simply called 1,2,3,4,. All over the retail stores.What I mentioned above are my own way of describing them. And it’s also based on the way they were arranged at the retail shelf.Also I came to know that  these have French names if you look at their product titles. Which isn’t easy for everyone to refer. Which is why they just refer. 1,2,34.also I came to know that they might have more shades of blush at other retail stores in different country  for example in the US , I don’t know how far it’s true. I just saw four of them


Elle Foundation

To talk  about their product features in detail, packaging of all their products is simply superb.Be it foundation,BBcream, concealers or blush. You can definitely travel with them.the only thing I am just wondering is why they  don’t have much for different skin types.their products dont meet the types of other Asian skin. So if you’re buying their foundation, BBcream or concealers there are chances you might not find you right shade.

So here Elle has a lot as well primer , BB cream, foundation, concealer , blushes ,eyeliners, metallic eye shadows, Mascara ,red lip color, nail paints.Its a brand from France.these all are the products belonging to their collection by far.I love their blushes more out of their entire collection.the concealer also does a fair job.If you’re looking for something new then go ahead give it a try. But if you’re a little strict with your Cosmo budget then you must wait for a sale.

Until next time

– Shahidbeauty

p.s:  All the opinion and reviews mentioned are that of an author and may not be same to that of someone else.All the products are purchased personally.

To look Perfect!How Difficult is it?


Source Pic:True photography

Do I need a touch up?, Am I okay?, Is this how I should look? having lots of eyes on me while presenting.Are they gonna think I am a weird looking creature? Oh we all have our own moments of  nervousness.but i know one thing for sure we women do that a lot. how particular we are on every single detail of things we do.we just want to look flawless and can work very hard on that.


Before entering any class I would make sure I am looking perfect and I was nervous, I had thoughts into my head that if I don’t look good people wont like me.I had an audience of my own.i was scared of speaking and answering the questions my faculties asked, interact with them more,because i knew if I speak everyone will look at me. there could be times I may not speak the right answers out.little did I know these are things everyone goes through.

I now realize I had inculcated a habit of getting up every morning and dressing up and applying little bit of makeup on my face, perfecting my winged liner, which is why for all the first classes of my days i was always late.however I did get lots of compliments from my mates and juniors for looking great. I felt all the efforts where worth it.I feel I tortured myself then with getting up everyday and doing all of this.I didn’t know then people liking you has nothing to do with how you look.there are so many other factors involved as I feel stupid to have thought that way.



Source Pic:Peter WinterStellar photography

I don’t want to define what beauty is by referring to a certain stereotypes. In my opinion grooming is a powerful concept,this process continues from the time our birth to childhood to teenage and continues along our can’t stop at one point and say i am perfect and i am done.If you did that you’d know you’re lying.i feel even today i have a lot to do with myself as far as grooming is concerned like it doesn’t end  but today i am all happy to do it for myself than to please someone or be accepted somewhere.No matter how difficult it is to hit the gym I enjoy things and do it because finally i made a commitment to myself.

There are times people question what is it too much to get ready it to impress someone  or you’re simply crazy.well if someone really feels good about dressing up rightly , wants to do it or not i think  we should just not judge and let everyone make their own personal choice.let me know if you have ever been asked why do you wear make up? or why do you take so much time to get ready? how did you react to it! let me know your story ,your nervous moments, how do you deal? down in the comments below.

Until next time!!



Marhaba UAE! Welcome to my blog


Hello fashionistas!!!

I welcome you all to my blog I started this very recently.I am a blogger based in Dubai,UAE.I am super excited to see how it goes.

let me give you a brief idea of what my blog is going to be about.My blog will comprise of all my hobbies i.e.,makeup, beauty regimes,fashion styling&fitness. In short anything and everything that goes into styling.

So here I am! having lots ideas to share with you all.Routines that are 100% tried and tested.Safe to redo, widely recommended & discussed. Also I would love to invite everyone who wishes to join in, discuss, give in suggestions,recommend products & services,must see,eat out and travel places within UAE you’re most welcome on my blog.

I am all set to reveal all my vanity out here.what are the items i collected and from where,should you buy them or not.

Until next time